Thora Tenbrink
First name(s): Thora
Last name(s): Tenbrink

Publications of Thora Tenbrink
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Thora Tenbrink, The verbalization of cognitive processes: Thinking-aloud data and retrospective reports, in: Linearisation and Segmentation in Discourse. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Discourse 2008 (MAD 08), Feb 20-23 2008, Lysebu, Oslo. Oslo: Dept. of Literature, Area Studies and Europ. Languages, Univ. of Oslo, pages 125-135, 2008
Jan Wiener and Thora Tenbrink, Traveling salesman problem: The human case (2008), in: Künstliche Intelligenz: KI und Kognition, 1(18-22)
Constanze Vorwerg and Thora Tenbrink, Discourse factors influencing spatial descriptions in English and German, in: Spatial Cognition V: Reasoning, Action, Interaction, pages 470--488, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2007
Thora Tenbrink and Hui Shi, Negotiating Spatial Goals with a Wheelchair, in: Proceedings of the 8th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue, 2007
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