Kenny Coventry
First name(s): Kenny
Last name(s): Coventry

Publications of Kenny Coventry
Hui Shi and Thora Tenbrink, Telling Rolland where to go: HRI dialogues on route navigation, in: Spatial Language and Dialogue, Oxford University Press, 2009
Thora Tenbrink, Elena Andonova and Kenny Coventry, Negotiating spatial relationships in dialogue: The role of the addressee, in: Proceedings of LONDIAL -- The 12th SEMDIAL workshop, June 2nd - June 4th, 2008, King's College, London, UK, 2008
Elena Andonova, Thora Tenbrink and Kenny Coventry, Spatial Description, Function and Context, in: CogSci 2008: 30th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, July 23 -- 26, Washington, D.C., 2008