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Tutorial report: Understanding spatial thought through language use
Type of publication: Article
Citation: TenbrinkJOSIS12
Journal: Journal of Spatial Information Science
Volume: 5
Number: 1
Year: 2012
Pages: 107-114
ISSN: 1948-660X
URL: http://knirb.net/TutorialSC201...
Abstract: The tutorial "Understanding spatial thought through language use" took place at the International Spatial Cognition Conference on August 31, 2012 at Kloster Seeon in Germany. This report outlines the main rationale for the tutorial along with central contributions by its participants, who considerably enhanced the success of the tutorial by sharing and discussing their own research experiences with respect to the analysis of language in spatial cognition contexts. The tutorial's website is http://knirb.net/TutorialSC2012.html.
Userfields: bdsk-url-1={http://knirb.net/TutorialSC2012.html}, pdfurl={http://www.josis.org/index.php/josis/article/viewFile/124/90}, project={SFBTR8}, status={Reviewed},
Authors Tenbrink, Thora
D'Odorico, Tommaso
Hertzberg, Christoph
Mazman, Sacide Güzin
Meneghetti, Chiara
Reshöft, Nina
Yang, Jinlong