PR1-[PublicRelations] - Overview

Communicating Advanced Research to Lay Audiences - The Example of Spatial Cognition


Scientists are increasingly required to present their research into a clear, concise and easily understood form for dissemination through the media and to the public. Continuous and professional PR activities are necessary to transfer research results to the relevant media in a professional way and establish useful networks. By editing scientific contents in a comprehensible way, it is possible to accomplish high credibility and long lasting attention. It is essential to invest in PR to raise the public awareness of scientific results. The SFB/TR 8 is aware of the need for PR expertise to enable an effective implementation of this task. With targeted PR activities for lay audiences we want to continue and improve the success of previous measures in the next phase of the SFB/TR 8 Spatial Cognition. To guarantee improved public awareness it is important that we sustainably pursue PR strategies and react to external PR requests effectively and efficiently. This includes conventional press work, such as press relations, writing and disseminating press releases, answering press requests, and regularly updating the SFB website. Moreover, direct communication such as ’Open House’ events, provide excellent opportunities to evoke public interest. Through increased public awareness of the research in the SFB/TR 8 in particular, science in general and science as potential occupational field meet with universal approval.