Kerstin Fischer
First name(s): Kerstin
Last name(s): Fischer

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John A. Bateman, Kerstin Fischer and Thora Tenbrink, Why a static interpretation is not sufficient in spatial communication, in: Proc. EACL 03 Workshop on Dialogue Systems: interaction, adaptation and styles of management, Budapest, Ungarn, 13-14 April 2003, 2003
John Bateman, Kerstin Fischer, Reinhard Moratz, Scott Farrar and Thora Tenbrink, Project I1-OntoSpace: Ontologies for Spatial Communication, in: DiaBruck, 7th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, Proceedings, Sept. 4th-6th 2003, pages 163--4, 2003


Kerstin Fischer and Thora Tenbrink, Video conferencing in a transregional research cooperation: Turn-taking in a new medium, in: Connecting Perspectives. Videokonferenz: Beitr├Ąge zu ihrer Erforschung und Anwendung, Shaker, 2003


Thora Tenbrink, Kerstin Fischer and Reinhard Moratz, Spatial Strategies in Linguistic Human-Robot Communication, in: KI-Themenheft 4/02 Spatial Cognition, pages 19-23, arenDTaP Verlag, 2002
Thora Tenbrink, Hui Shi and Kerstin Fischer, Route instruction dialogues with a robotic wheelchair, in: Proc. BranDial 2006: The 10th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, 2006