M. Knauff
First name(s): M.
Last name(s): Knauff


Publications of M. Knauff
to appear
Holger Schultheis, Ankit Singhaniya and Devendra Singh Chaplot, Comparing Model Comparison Methods, in: Proceedings of the 35th annual conference of the Cognitive Science Society, pages 1294 - 1299, Cognitive Science Society; Austin, TX, 2013
Hui Shi, Christian Mandel and Robert J. Ross, Interpreting Route Instructions as Qualitative Spatial Actions, in: Spatial Cognition V, Springer Verlag; 14197 Berlin; http://www.springeronline.com, 2008
T. Meilinger, M. Knauff, A. Widiger and H. Bülthoff, Gedächtnissysteme beim Finden von Wegen in einer virtuellen Umgebung, in: Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen (TEAP'05), 2005