M. Brösamle
First name(s): M.
Last name(s): Brösamle

Publications of M. Brösamle
in press
C. Hölscher, T. Meilinger, G. Vrachliotis and M. Brösamle, Maps, room numbers and wayfinding strategies: Investigations in a vertically complex building., in: Poster proceedings COSIT'05 Conference on Spatial Information Theory, Ellicottville, NY, September 14-18, 2005
C. Hölscher, T. Meilinger, G. Vrachliotis, M. Brösamle and B. Maier, Wayfinding in the Heinrich-Luebcke-Haus., in: 'Real, Mental and Virtual Space', Interdisciplinary College IK 2005, Günne/ Lake Möhne, Germany, 2005