Saskia Kuliga

Research Assistant

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Friedrichstr. 50, Geb. IIG, R. 02002
79098 Freiburg

+49 (0)761 203-4973


About me

Saskia studied Psychology at the University of Twente in The Netherlands. In her Bachelor thesis, she investigated the effects of music on dental anxiety and stress in a dentist’s waiting room. As Minor, Saskia studied Sustainable Development in South-Africa. For the Master of Science, Saskia conducted three experiments that aimed at improving hospital staff’s compliance with hand disinfection measures (supervised by Dr. Tanja-Dijkstra & Dr. Verhoeven). After finishing her study, Saskia worked as a junior researcher in the department Psychology of Conflict, Risk & Safety (Prof. Giebels), in collaboration with the department of Human Media Interaction (Prof. Heylen).


§  Psychology
§  Spatial Cognition, Wayfinding & Aesthetics
§  Environmental Psychology & „Healing Environments"
§  Human Media Interaction

Research Projects

In February 2012, Saskia started her PhD-project at the Center for Cognitive Science in Freiburg. She is supervised by Prof. Christoph Hölscher (ETH Zürich/University of Freiburg). The R6[SpaceGuide] project seeks to better understand human and robot wayfinding processes in interaction with their physical and virtual environment. Methods include real-world observation studies and Virtual Reality experimentation in complex, often public buildings, such as airports, hospitals and libraries. 

Saskia’s current work includes studies about human dynamic landmark placement; one uses a virtual model of the Tate Gallery in London that was kindly provided by Prof. Ruth Conroy-Dalton of Northumbria University. In May 2012, Saskia has conducted a wayfinding and user study in the Seattle Public Library; WA, USA (Carlson et al, 2011, in preparation). Future work will include a behavioral study in a virtual model and follows-up previous work by Hölscher and Brösamle.


Saskia's Msc-thesis was nominated for the “Healthcare Innovation Award”, and ended among the last five candidates.


Organization SFB Doctoral Colloquium 2013 (with Vivien Mast, Daniel Vale, Evelyn Bergmann)

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