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Arne Kreutzmann

Research Assistant

Universität Bremen
Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 5
28359 Bremen

+49 (0)421 218-64290


About me

I am a doctoral researcher in the Cognitive Systems group at the University of Bremen  and part of the R3-[QShape]  project of the SFB/TR-8 Spatial Cognition.
I am captivated by the questions: what kind of qualitative spatial inferences are needed to drive applications, how to support the acquisition of the required knowledge, and how to ensure that the knowledge meets the individual requirements?
My thesis: model checking can provide inferences needed in applications and qualitative spatial representations are at the foundation of a new modal logic that individual applications can extend into domain dependent languages.


Qualitative Spatial Reasoning, Knowledge Representation,  Knowledge Engineering, Modal Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, General Game Playing, Embedded Systems

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Former Staff

Dr. Lutz Frommberger (06/2003 - 12/2010)

Dr. Jan Oliver Wallgrün (01/2003 - 12/2008)

Dr. Diedrich Wolter (01/2003 - 08/2013)