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Spatial Cognition for Architectural Design (SCAD)

A symposium of researchers, educators, and industry practitioners

The symposium Spatial Cognition for Architectural Design addresses the theoretical and methodological achievements of the cognitive and computational disciplines in the domain of architectural design. A dialogue between scientists from design research and educational disciplines as well as professional architectural design practitioners is sought with the aim to identify how such interdisciplinary application of knowledge may provide real benefit for the theory and professional practice of architecture design. Principal issues to be highlighted for this workshop include:

  • cognitive systems
  • artificial intelligence
  • intelligence-based design
  • assistive technologies

The symposium emphasizes interdisciplinary exchange and aims to address questions concerning the translation of cognitive and computational research and theories into professional architecture design practice and education.

Date: November, 16 - 19, 2011

Location: New York, USA

Homepage: Spatial Cognition for Architectural Design (SCAD)