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{A new method for B-format to binaural transcoding}
Type of publication: Inproceedings
Citation: Berge2010
Booktitle: 40th AES International conference.
Year: 2010
Pages: 8--10
Address: Tokyo, Japan
URL: http://www.aes.org/e-lib/brows...
Abstract: Afrequency-domain parametric method for transcoding first-order B-format signals to a binaural format is introduced. The method provides better spatial sharpness than linear methods allow. A high angular resolution planewave decomposition of the B-format establishes two independent direction estimates per time/frequency bin. This alleviates the requirement that the sound sources in a mix are W-disjoint orthogonal, implicit in previous nonlinear methods. The characteristics and causes of audible artifacts are discussed. Methods are introduced that suppress the different types of artifacts. A listening test is presented that ranks the sound quality of the method between third-order and fifth-order linear ambisonics systems.
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Keywords: Ambisonics, Ambisonics-To-Stereo-Transcoding, B-Format, Binaural Sound
Authors Berge, Svein
Barrett, Natasha
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