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Mono{SLAM}: Real-time single camera {SLAM}
Type of publication: Article
Citation: Davison07pami
Journal: IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
Volume: 29
Number: 6
Year: 2007
Month: June
Pages: 1052-1067
Userfields: c-hunter={This is a journal paper covering work done in 3 or 4 previous papers. This is a good summary of the whole monoSLAM system before it was 'abandoned' after the strasdat Why Filter paper}, date-added={2012-09-25 15:31:39 +0200}, date-modified={2012-09-25 15:31:39 +0200}, fullauthor={Andrew J. Davison and Ian D. Reid and Nicholas D. Molton and Olivier Stasse}, project={fremdliteratur},
Authors A. Davison, I. Reid, N. Molton
Stasse, O.