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A Qualitative Model of Dynamic Scene Analysis and Interpretation in Ambient Intelligence Systems
Type of publication: Article
Citation: cosy:Bhatt:2008:DynSceneAnalysis
Journal: International Journal of Robotics and Automation
Volume: 24
Number: 3
Year: 2009
ISSN: 0826-8185
Abstract: Ambient intelligence environments necessitate representing and reasoning about dynamic spatial scenes and configurations. The ability to perform predictive and explanatory analyses of spatial scenes is crucial toward serving a useful intelligent function within such environments. We present a formal qualitative model that combines existing qualitative theories about space with a formal logic-based calculus suited to modelling dynamic environments, or reasoning about action and change in general. With this approach, it is possible to represent and reason about arbitrary dynamic spatial environments within a unified framework. We clarify and elaborate on our ideas with examples grounded in a smart environment.
Userfields: project={R3-QShape}, status={Reviewed},
Authors Bhatt, Mehul
Dylla, Frank