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First Have a Plan then Make Sure It Is a Good Plan or Dealing with Underspecified Spatio-Temporal Relations in Unfamiliar Large-Scale Environments
Type of publication: Article
Citation: seifert:05
Journal: Location Based Services \& Telecartography - Proceedings of the Symposium 2005. Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen
Year: 2005
Abstract: his paper introduces an approach for dealing with underspecified spatial and temporal relations during early stage spatio-temporal planning in large-scale unfamiliar environments. For that purpose a partial spatio-temporal constraint satisfaction algorithm is introduced. The algorithm operates on a qualitative as well as metric representation of the given spatio-temporal relations. In order to reduce the computational complexity structuring criteria of the problem space are introduced. The paper outlines procedures for handling of overspecified spatio-temporal relations by removing of location assignments or fixed points in time, or shortening durations of events under consideration of the corresponding priorities. The algorithm concludes with ordering procedure for events with no temporal order but specified spatial assignments. The alternative spatial locations for events with underspecified spatial assignment are represented using a qualitative distance scheme or region-based mapping to the environment structure.
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Keywords: partial constraint satisfaction, spatio-temporal problem solving and reasoning
Authors Seifert, Inessa
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