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Conservativity in Structured Ontologies
Type of publication: Inproceedings
Citation: KutzMossakowski08
Booktitle: ECAI 2008
Series: {F}rontiers in {A}rtificial {I}ntelligence and {A}pplications
Volume: 178
Year: 2008
Publisher: IOS Press
Abstract: Using category theoretic notions, in particular diagrams and their colimits, we provide a common semantic backbone for various notions of modularity in structured ontologies, and outline a general approach for representing (heterogeneous) combinations of ontologies through interfaces of various kinds, based on the theory of institutions. This covers theory interpretations, (definitional) language extensions, symbol identifications, and conservative extensions. In particular, we study the problem of inheriting conservativity between sub-theories in a diagram to its colimit ontology, and apply this to the problem of localisation of reasoning in `modular ontology languages' such as DDLs or E-connections.
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Authors Kutz, Oliver
Mossakowski, Till
Editors Ghallab, M.
Spyropoulos, C. D.
Fakotakis, N.
Avouris, N.
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