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Taking off to the Third Dimension - Schematization of Virtual Environments
Type of publication: Article
Citation: cosyPeters08-IJSDIR
Journal: International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research
Volume: 3
Year: 2008
Pages: 20-37
Note: Special Issue, GI-DAYS 2007, M√ľnster: Young Researchers Forum
URL: http://ijsdir.jrc.it/index.php...
Abstract: Virtual environments are increasingly popular in different areas in both research and industry. However, interaction with these environments is challenging, posing a variety of difficulties to human users. In this paper, we explore how well known principles of abstraction and information reduction for 2D spatial representations, which we term schematization, can be transferred to the 3D representations of virtual environments in order to ease interaction and to increase their utility.
Userfields: bdsk-url-1={http://ijsdir.jrc.it/index.php/ijsdir/article/view/88}, pdfurl={http://ijsdir.jrc.it/index.php/ijsdir/article/view/88/72}, project={SFBTR8}, status={Reviewed},
Authors Peters, Denise
Richter, Kai-Florian