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You-Are-Here maps in emergencies - The danger of getting lost
Type of publication: Article
Citation: cosyKLIP06-yah
Journal: Journal of Spatial Science
Volume: 51
Number: 1
Year: 2006
Pages: 117-131
Abstract: This article evaluates criteria for the design of so-called You-Are-Here (YAH) maps, i.e. maps that explicitly indicate the position of the map reader. Established design criteria are rendered more precise and applied in an exemplary assessment of three YAH maps as they can be found in public buildings as part of a general emergency scheme. The clarification of the YAH map terminology is necessary to allow for assessing the quality of existing YAH maps and consolidates the basis of rule-based generation of location-aware information services. Possibilities for further empirical evaluation of YAH maps are discussed and the role of location-aware technology is considered for smart mobile systems and smart environments.
Userfields: pdfurl={http://www.cosy.informatik.uni-bremen.de/staff/klippel/publications/klippel2006you.pdf}, project={SFBTR8}, status={Reviewed},
Authors Klippel, Alexander
Freksa, Christian
Winter, Stephan
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