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Architectural Design Cognition: People-Centred Visuo-Spatial Cognition, and its Role in Discourse and Systems for Design Conception, Computing, and Communication
Type of publication: Incollection
Citation: Bhattschultz-imagery-2014
Publication status: Accepted
Booktitle: Editors: Sabine Ammon, Inge Hinterwaldner: Anthology on: Imagery in the Age of Modelling: Operative Artifacts in the Design Process in Architecture and Engineering / Bildlichkeit im Zeitalter der Modellierung. Operative Artefakte in Entwurfsprozessen der
Year: to appear
Publisher: Fink Verlag (Munich)
Authors Bhatt, Mehul
Schultz, Carl
Editors Ammon, Sabine
Hinterwaldner, Inge