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Landmarks in OpenLS - A Data Structure for Cognitive Ergonomic Route Directions
Type of publication: Inproceedings
Citation: cosyHAN06
Booktitle: Geographic Information Science - Fourth International Conference, GIScience 2006
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4197
Year: 2006
Pages: 128-144
Publisher: Springer; Berlin
URL: http://www.springer.com/dal/ho...
Abstract: Landmarks support the structuring of environmental information into cognitive conceptual units, they have the potential to iden- tify uniquely pertinent intersections for route following, and they disambiguate spatial situations at complex intersections. Not using them in automatically generated route directions is a violation of cognitive ergonomics. While we have made great progress on the one hand in characterizing and on the other hand in mining potential landmarks, viable data structures that incorporate their cognitive conceptual functions in route directions are poorly developed. The present article closes this gap by providing a representation based on the OpenLS standard that allows for capturing the semantics of landmarks. In this data structure, the cognitive conceptual essence of a landmark is represented allowing for generating route directions automatically and imbuing street network data with cognitively meaningful elements.
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Authors Hansen, Stefan
Richter, Kai-Florian
Klippel, Alexander
Editors Raubal, M.
Miller, H.
Frank, A. U.
Goodchild, M. F.
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