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{Acoustic source localization using time-delay estimation}
Type of publication: Phdthesis
Citation: Kirkwood2003
Booktitle: Technical University of Denmark
Year: 2003
School: Technical University of Denmark
URL: http://brentkirkwood.com/scien...
Abstract: The angular location of a jet airplane can be estimated by measuring an acoustic direction of incidence based solely on the noise produced by the aircraft. Methods for determining the direction of incidence based on sound intensity, the phase of cross-spectral functions, and cross-correlation functions are compared. Cross-correlation based algorithms for passively locating jet aircraft were chosen as most suitable and implemented in a four-element multi-dimensional microphone array. Various time-delay estimation tech- niques based on the cross-correlation functions are compared through simulations and measurements. A time-delay estimation method based on locating a zero-amplitude crossing in the Hilbert transform of the cross-correlation function appears to provide the most accurate results in many situations but breaks down somewhat easily in harsh acoustic environments. It is demonstrated that a balance of robustness and accuracy can best be achieved by using a method based on simply locating the maximum amplitude in a cross- correlation function.
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Keywords: Cross-Correlation, Sound Localization, Time-Delay Estimation
Authors Kirkwood, BC
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