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{Zero-crossing based time-frequency masking for sound segregation}
Type of publication: Article
Citation: Kim2006
Journal: Neural Information Processing- \ldots
Volume: 10
Number: June
Year: 2006
Pages: 125--134
URL: http://bsrc.kaist.ac.kr/nip-lr...
Abstract: This paper presents a new method of zero-crossing based binaural mask estima- tion for sound segregation under the condition that multiple sound sources are present simultaneously. The masking is determined by the estimated sound source directions using the spatial cues such as inter-aural time differences (ITDs) and inter-aural intensity differences (IIDs). In the suggested method, the estimation of ITDs is utilizing the statistical properties of zero-crossings detected from binaural filter-bank outputs. We also consider the estimation of ITDs with the aid of IID samples to cope with the phase ambiguities of ITD samples in high frequencies. As a result, the proposed method is able to provide an accurate estimate of sound source directions and a good masking scheme for sound segregation while offering significantly less computational complexity compared to cross-correlation based methods.
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Keywords: noise-robustness, sound segregation, Sound source localization, time-frequency masking, zero-crossings
Authors Kim, Young-Ik
An, Sung Jun
Kil, Rhee Man
  • http://bsrc.kaist.ac.kr/nip-lr...