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{Analysis and implementation of the position-pitch source localization algorithm on a hybrid reconfigurable cpu}
Type of publication: Phdthesis
Citation: Jager2011
Type: Diploma Thesis
Booktitle: spsc.tugraz.at
Number: March
Year: 2011
School: Graz University of Technology; University of Vienna
URL: http://www.spsc.tugraz.at/site...
Abstract: Source localization is an important component in speech processing systems, as automated source localization in combination with beamforming makes it possible to enhance the speech of individual speakers in reverberating environments, hence providing signals with improved signal-to-noise ratio for subsequent speech processing algorithms. The source localization algorithm used in this thesis consists of four main parts: Gammatone filterbank, cross correlation, Position-Pitch decomposition and final evaluation with interframe tracking. This thesis presents an analysis of the source localization algorithm with the aim to find reasonable calibrations for its accuracy and time performance. To achieve a real-time implementation the algorithm is ported to reconfigurable FPGA based hardware. The hardware used is a Stretch S6 hybrid reconfigurable CPU, in which certain computationally expensive parts of the code can be outsourced. The cross correlation is identified as the most computationally expensive part of source localization, and several approaches of it have been implemented at the hardware. In order to elaborate on advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches, measures of time performance are compared.
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Keywords: Position-Pitch Source Localization, Sound Localization
Authors J├Ąger, W
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