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Learning compact 3{D} models of indoor and outdoor environments with a mobile robot
Type of publication: Article
Citation: haehnel_burgard_thrun_03_learning
Journal: Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Volume: 44
Year: 2003
Pages: 15-27
Abstract: This paper presents an algorithm for full 3D shape reconstruction of indoor and outdoor environments with mobile robots. Data is acquired with laser range finders installed on a mobile robot. Our approach combines efficient scan matching routines for robot pose estimation with an algorithm for approximating environments using flat surfaces. On top of that, our approach includes a mesh simplification technique to reduce the complexity of the resulting models. In extensive experiments, our method is shown to produce accurate models of indoor and outdoor environments that compare favorably to other methods.
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Keywords: 3D mapping, map building, model simplification
Authors Hähnel, Dirk
Burgard, Wolfram
Thrun, Sebastian