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Multi-Hierarchical Semantic Maps for Mobile Robotics
Type of publication: Inproceedings
Citation: galindo_saffiotti_coradeschi_buschka_fernandez-madrigal_gonzalez_05_multi
Booktitle: Proceedings of the {IEEE/RSJ} International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems {(IROS-05)}
Year: 2005
Pages: 3492--3497
Userfields: abstract-url={http://www.aass.oru.se/~asaffio/Papers/iros05.html}, date-added={2012-09-03 15:47:30 +0200}, date-modified={2012-09-03 15:47:30 +0200}, notes={not that relevant to me, but I have to look on the work on the AH graph}, owner={jow}, project={fremdliteratur}, registry={A266}, state={printed, skimmed}, summary={Environment model consists of a spatial hierarchy (AH graph) and a conceptual hierarchy (conceptual knowledge is preprogrammed) and links between the two that allow high-level symbolic reasoning (e.g. to infer which goal "go to the living room" refers to based on how living rooms typically look like).}, timestamp={2006.02.19},
Authors Galindo, C.
Saffiotti, A.
Coradeschi, S.
Buschka, P.
Fernández-Madrigal, Juan A.
González, Javier