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Analytical Intelligence for Geospatial Dynamics
Type of publication: Inproceedings
Citation: bhatt-wallgrun-cosit11
Booktitle: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Spatial Information Theory (2011). (extended abstract, poster)
Year: 2011
Abstract: The modelling, analysis, and simulation of dynamic geospatial phenomena has been identified as a key developmental challenge for next-generation GIS systems. In this context, the envisaged paradigmatic extensions to contemporary GIS methods raise fundamental questions concerning the representational and computational apparatus that would underlie their spatial information theoretic underpinnings. From the standpoint of high-level qualitative modelling and analyses for geospatial dynamics, we identify concrete theoretical and practical challenges that accrue in the context of formal reasoning about space, events, actions, and change. With this as a basis, and within the backdrop of an illustrated scenario in urban dynamics, we address specific problems and solutions, primarily involving spatial consistency, data merging and integration, and practical geospatial abduction. Our aim is to provide a conceptual overview and architecture for the pragmatic development of high-level analytical capability for geospatial dynamics.
Userfields: project={R3-QShape}, status={Reviewed},
Authors Bhatt, Mehul
Wallgrün, Jan Oliver