Gary L. Allen
First name(s): Gary L.
Last name(s): Allen

Publications of Gary L. Allen
Sven Bertel, Georg Vrachliotis and Christian Freksa, Aspect-oriented building design: Towards computer-aided approaches to solving spatial constraints in architecture, in: Applied spatial cognition: From research to cognitive technology, pages 75-102, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates; Mahwah, NJ, 2007
Gary L. Allen, Principles and Practices for Communicating Route Knowledge (2000), in: Applied Cognitive Psychology, 14:4(333--359)
Gary L. Allen, From Knowledge to Words to Wayfinding: Issues in the Production and Comprehension of Route Directions, in: {Spatial Information Theory A Theoretical Basis for GIS}, pages 363--372, Springer, 1997