Dominik Engel
First name(s): Dominik
Last name(s): Engel

Publications of Dominik Engel
Sven Bertel, Thomas Barkowsky, Dominik Engel and Christian Freksa, Computational modeling of reasoning with mental images: basic requirements, in: Proc 7th Intern Conf on Cognitive Modeling, ICCM ’06, Trieste, pages 50-55, Edizioni Goliardiche, Trieste, 2006
Dominik Engel, Sven Bertel and Thomas Barkowsky, Spatial Principles in Control of Focus in Reasoning with Mental Representations, Images, and Diagrams, in: Spatial Cognition IV. Reasoning, Action, and Interaction, pages 181-203, Springer; Berlin;, 2005
Sven Bertel, Thomas Barkowsky and Dominik Engel, The Specification of the Casimir Architecture, R1-[ImageSpace], SFB/TR8 Spatial Cognition;, internal project report, 2004
Thomas Barkowsky, Sven Bertel, Dominik Engel and Christian Freksa, Design of an architecture for reasoning with mental images, in: International Workshop on Spatial and Visual Components in Mental Reasoning about Large-Scale Spaces. 01-02 Sept 2003, Bad Zwischenahn, Germany, 2003