Paul U. Lee
First name(s): Paul U.
Last name(s): Lee

Publications of Paul U. Lee
Alexander Klippel, Heike Tappe, Lars Kulik and Paul U. Lee, Wayfinding Choremes - A Language for Modeling Conceptual Route Knowledge (2005), in: Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 16:4(311-329)
Paul U. Lee, Alexander Klippel and Heike Tappe, The effect of motion in graphical user interfaces, in: Smart Grapics Third International Symposium, SG 2003, Heidelberg, Germany, July2-4, 2003, Proceedings, pages 12-21, 2003
Barbara Tversky and Paul U. Lee, Pictorial and Verbal Tools for Conveying Routes, in: Spatial Information Theory - Cognitive and computational foundations of geopraphic information science, pages 51-64, Springer, 1999
Barbara Tversky and Paul U. Lee, How space structures language, in: Spatial Cognition. An interdisciplinary approach to representing and processing spatial knowledge, pages 157-175, Springer, 1998