R. Pajarola
First name(s): R.
Last name(s): Pajarola

Publications of R. Pajarola
B. Solenthaler and R. Pajarola, Predictive-corrective incompressible SPH (2009), in: ACM Trans. on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Proc.), 28:3(1{\~n}6)
Y. Zhang, B. Solenthaler and R. Pajarola, Adaptive Sampling and Rendering of Fluids on the GPU, in: Proceedings Symposium on Point-Based Graphics, pages 137{\~n}146, 2008
B. Solenthaler and R. Pajarola, Density Contrast SPH Interfaces, in: Proc. of the 2008 ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, pages 211{\~n}218, 2008
B. Solenthaler, J. Schläfli and R. Pajarola, A unified particle model for fluid-solid interactions (2007), in: Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, 18:1(69--82)