C. P. L. Schultz
First name(s): C. P. L.
Last name(s): Schultz

Publications of C. P. L. Schultz
Mehul Bhatt, Jakob Suchan, Vasiliki Kondyli and C. P. L. Schultz, Embodied Visuo-Locomotive Experience Analysis: Immersive Reality Based Summarisation of Experiments in Environment-Behaviour Studies, in: Proceedings of the {ACM} Symposium on Applied Perception, {SAP} 2016, Anaheim, California, USA, July 22-23, 2016, ACM, 2016
C. P. L. Schultz, R. Amor, B. Lobb and H. W. Guesgen, Qualitative design support for engineering and architecture (2009), in: Advanced Engineering Informatics, 23:1(68--80)