P. E. Santos
First name(s): P. E.
Last name(s): Santos

Publications of P. E. Santos
Jakob Suchan, Mehul Bhatt and P. E. Santos, Perceptual Narratives of Space and Motion for Semantic Interpretation of Visual Data, in: Computer Vision - ECCV 2014 Workshops - Proceedings of International Workshop on Computer Vision + Ontology Applied Cross-Disciplinary Technologies (CONTACT). ECCV 2014 -- European Conference on Computer Vision, pages 339-354, Springer International Publishing, 2015
C. J. Needham, P. E. Santos, D. R. Magee, V. Devin, D. C. Hogg and A. G. Cohn, Protocols from perceptual observations (2005), in: Artificial Intelligence, 167:1-2(103--136)