Ba-Ngu Vo
First name(s): Ba-Ngu
Last name(s): Vo

Publications of Ba-Ngu Vo
Dominic Schuhmacher, Ba-Tuong Vo and Ba-Ngu Vo, A Consistent Metric for Performance Evaluation of Multi-Object Filters (2008), in: IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, 56:8(3447--3457)
Ba-Ngu Vo and Wing-Kin Ma, The Gaussian Mixture Probability Hypothesis Density Filter (2006), in: IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, 54:11(4091--4104)
Panta Kusha, Ba-Ngu Vo, and Sumeetpal Singh and Arnaud Doucet, Probability Hypothesis Density filter versus Multiple Hypothesis Tracking, in: Proceedings of the SPIE Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, and Target Recognition XIII, 2004