B. Heidelberger
First name(s): B.
Last name(s): Heidelberger

Publications of B. Heidelberger
M. Müller, S. Schirm, M. Teschner, B. Heidelberger and M. Gross, Interaction of fluids with deformable solids (2004), in: Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, 15:34(159{\~n}171)
M. Teschner, B. Heidelberger, M. Müller, D. Pomeranets and M. Gross, Optimized Spatial Hashing for Collision Detection of Deformable Objects, in: Proc. of Vision,Modeling,Visualization (VMV), pages 47{\~n}54, 2003
B. Heidelberger, M. Teschner and M. Gross, Volumetric Collision Detection for Deformable Objects, Computer Science Department, ETH Zurich, number 395, 2003