Helmut Pottmann
First name(s): Helmut
Last name(s): Pottmann

Publications of Helmut Pottmann
Mark Pauly, Niloy J. Mitra, Johannes Wallner, Helmut Pottmann and Leonidas J. Guibas, Discovering structural regularity in 3D geometry, in: SIGGRAPH '08: ACM SIGGRAPH 2008 papers, Los Angeles, California, pages 1--11, ACM, 2008
Qi-Xing Huang, Simon Flöry, Natasha Gelfand, Michael Hofer and Helmut Pottmann, Reassembling fractured objects by geometric matching, in: SIGGRAPH '06: ACM SIGGRAPH 2006 Papers, Boston, Massachusetts, pages 569--578, ACM, 2006
Natasha Gelfand, Niloy J. Mitra, Leonidas J. Guibas and Helmut Pottmann, Robust global registration, in: Proceedings of the third Eurographics symposium on Geometry processing, Vienna, Austria, pages 197:1--197:10, Eurographics Association, 2005
Niloy J. Mitra, Natasha Gelfand, Helmut Pottmann and Leonidas Guibas, Registration of point cloud data from a geometric optimization perspective, in: Proceedings of the 2004 Eurographics/ACM SIGGRAPH symposium on Geometry processing, Nice, France, pages 22--31, ACM, 2004