Birgit Elias
First name(s): Birgit
Last name(s): Elias

Publications of Birgit Elias
Stephan Winter, Martin Tomko, Birgit Elias and Monika Sester, Landmark hierarchies in context (2008), in: Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design, 35:3(381-398)
Birgit Elias, Volker Paelke and Sascha Kuhnt, Concepts for the Cartographic Visualization of Landmarks, in: Location Based Services \& Telecartography - Proceedings of the Symposium 2005, pages 1149-155, TU Vienna, 2005
Birgit Elias, Extracting Landmarks with Data Mining Methods, in: Spatial Information Theory. Foundations of Geographic Information Science, International Conference COSIT, pages 375--389, Springer, 2003