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Toward Qualitative Spatial Reasoning on the Arrangements of Multi-Domain Objects

Yohei Kurata Ph.D., Tokyo Metropolitan University

This presentation introduces a strategic project "Qualitative Spatial Calculi for Heterogeneous Objects". I have been working on the modeling of spatial relations between two heterogeneous objects, such as the relations between a directed line and a region. How to realize spatial reasoning on such relations --- for instance, deducing the relations between spatially-extended landmarks (regions) based on the observations from multiple paths (directed lines) --- is left as a challenging question. Qualitative spatial calculi (QSC) provide a nice framework for conducting the spatial reasoning on the arrangement of multiple objects. However, currently most QSCs target the spatial relations between single-domain objects. So my questions are how to formalize the QSCs for multi-domain objects and how to reuse the existing frameworks and tools for conducting the reasoning in new calculi. In this presentation, I will explain the basic ideas of spatial calculi, our models of spatial relations between multi-domain objects, and my prospective approach to their integration.

Date: 30.01.2009

Time: 15:30 h

Location: Rotunde Cartesium, Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 5, Universität Bremen

Speakers homepage: http://www.comp.tmu.ac.jp/kurata/