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Introducing the IRTG Semantic Integration of Geospatial Information

Prof. Dr. Werner Kuhn and IRTG Doctoral Students

The IRTG GRK 1498 "Semantic Integration of Geospatial Information" is a DFG-funded international research training group for doctoral students that was started in October 2008 and is closely associated with the SFB/TR 8. The participating institutions are the University of Münster, the University of Bremen, and the University at Buffalo. In this presentation we give an overview on the research topics of the IRTG. The IRTG addresses problems arising when integrating geospatial information from multiple sources to reason and support decisions about the human environment. These problems are situated in the overall research challenge of supporting effective geospatial reasoning across age and cultures. The common scientific thread of the entire program is the ambition to create computationally tractable solutions to problems of semantic integration. The program overall program is structured into three research initiatives. The initiative "Situated Semantic Integration" focuses on the interaction with geospatial information under the particular consideration of the context in which this interaction is taking place. The initiative "Semantic Mediation across Communities and Sensors" aims at providing models for the integration of sources and destinations of geospatial information and the communication of this information over different levels of abstraction. Finally, the initiative "Semantics in Analysis and Reasoning" is concerned with the problem of sensibly extracting useful information from complex real-time spatio-temporal information flows. In addition to presenting the general research goals, the doctoral researches will give brief overviews on their PhD projects.


Date: 24.07.2009

Time: 15:30 h

Location: Rotunde Cartesium, Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 5, Universität Bremen

Speakers homepage: http://ifgi.uni-muenster.de/~kuhn/