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Prof. Gilberto Camara, Universität Münster




Researchers that work with the computer representation of geographical

spaces have long debated about the right label to use for the

discipline. The terms used by researchers in this area include

Geographical Information Science, Geomatics, Geocomputation,

Geoinformation Science and Spatial Computing.  This talk will argue that

the term Geoinformatics is the most appropriate one, since it describes

an interdisciplinary field having at its core the science of

information. However, to firmly establish itself as a scientific field,

Geoinformatics needs a theoretical core that would be a common and

shared basis for researchers, students and practitioners. Since GI

systems development predates Geoinformatics research, current

technologies embody many ad hoc solutions that reduce the potential for

shared knowledge and hamper progress. We will argue that one of the

components of the scientific core of Geoinformatics is a sound axiomatic

theory that describes unambiguously the concepts used to represent the

geographical world in computers. This theory should also provide the

basis for implementations in different settings, thus allowing the same

concept to be used consistently by different systems. In this talk, we

will present some contributions for the proposed axiomatic theory of

geoinformatics, but discussing an algebra for spatiotemporal data that

represents objects, fields, trajectories, time series and events.



Date: 04.07.2014

Time: 15:30 h

Location: Cartesium, Bremen

Speaker-URL`s: https://www.uni-muenster.de/Geoinformatics/institute/staff/index.php/197/Gilberto_Camara


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