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Topological Representation and Reasoning: Progresses and Problems

Dr. Sanjiang Li, University of Technology, Sydney

Spatial information abounds in human activities, but exact spatial knowledge are often unavailable or not necessary. In these cases a qualitative approach will be very helpful. Topological knowledge is one most important kind of qualitative spatial knowledge. In the last eight years, we have systematically investigated the topological aspect of spatial reasoning, in particular the well-known topological calculus RCC8. In this talk I will recall some results obtained in our research, and summarize concepts and techniques developed in this research, and finally introduce open problems as well as current and future research directions.

Date: 18.09.2009

Time: 15:15 h

Location: Rotunde Cartesium, Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 5, Universität Bremen

Speakers homepage: http://quantum-lab.org/sanjiang/